Art EXHIBIT Review - July 1994

“Peter G. Balazsy's works, “Watergraphs”, succeed in achieving a warmth and richness associated with painting to his largely photographic images of nudes, cityscapes and still life.

Mr. Balazsy works with photographic transfer: 052x.jpg
he collects his images...
with a 35MM camera,pool.jpg using color slide film.

Later, he projects his slides onto Polaroid or Fuji self developing film; next while the film is developing, he "transfers" the image from the base to a new base, which may be paper, silk, or linen.
Finally he interprets..
...and refines the transferred images ms-lion.jpg with hand coloring.

Though thoroughly trained in electronics and computers, the artist is largely self taught in the arts. Despite this his work demonstrates a life of careful observation, developing his own personal twist on vernacular visual conventions and a sympathetic progress in keeping with several present artistic trends in photography.

His work has been described as “painterly”, corner.jpg which is astute, but a bit off the mark,

... suggesting his work is painting like, (imitating painting)

.... as the modernist critics accused the pictorialists several decades ago.

Mr. Balazsy's work is perhaps best described as a photographic parallel

to “Painterly” painting. ~~ He exploits and demonstrates the material

and artistic mjx-xfr.jpg qualities of his photographic medium:
...color, line, shadow, emulsion texture, paper texture, and emulsion flaws and gaps
which he responds to with coloring. bd-sm6x.jpg

At least half of his works are female nudes 86-79.jpg and portraits. img85.jpg

Avoiding the prurient, he creates luminous, sensual works,

which seduce img104.jpg the eye..

...with an exquisite, img87.jpg sophisticated carnality,
....revealing the grace and variety of the human form, img22.jpg
...producing a warm glow. img19.jpg

Peter joins the renewed tradition of nude photography in a matured eroticism,
seeking to entice and charm 930194sm.jpg..rather than to shock.

The cityscapes 920161.jpg and still lifes img32.jpg share.. affinity with another trend, historicism, a “new pictorialism” which forms and subjects as well as the look of earlier 920638.jpg art are embraced.

Rejecting the harshness and consumerism of the contemporary art world,
they seek healing and 86-63.jpg pleasure from the past. 86-62.jpg

Mr. Balazsy's awareness of vase.jpg pattern and color add to the
richness and delight in these works.

Traditionally, photography has been regarded as a medium of representation, and painting one of color. Across the board, in every work in the current show, Peter Balazsy has demonstrated photography as a medium of color, fine carefully controlled color. His color is largely photographic color, but it has been liberated from pure description by being liberated from the surface of the photographic print by being transferred to another texture.

~ ~~ ~
The artist holds to no polemic or manifesto,

...but in his small, mydog-2x.jpg colored works,
he has joined a quiet revolution.”

- review -
by Melvin Dennis
Director, Puchong Gallery 36A Third Ave.
NY,NY 212-982-1811

Images (c)Peter Balazsy

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Studio located in Northern NJ ~~~ (973) 790-7960


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